Rabie Ramadan

Rabie Ramadan
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Research Fields

  • Machine Learning & AI
  • Calibration & Optimization
  • PDEs & Numerical Analysis

Areas of Interest

  • Fraud Detection
  • Leverage and Financial Optimization
  • Traffic Flow Simulation
  • Energy Modeling of Traffic Patterns
Jamitons in the "Fundamental Diagram" of traffic flow

Most Recent Research

Second-order Macroscopic Traffic Models,

in collaboration with Prof. Rodolfo Ruben Rosales, MIT.

I develop, analyze, and quantify the inhomogeneous Aw-Rascle-Zhang (ARZ) traffic model, which possesses instabilities ... and traveling waves solutions (Jamitons). Those non-equilibrium phenomena are important components of vehicular traffic flow; however, models currently used in practice are limited to first-order models that describe an averaged equilibrium flow profile only. Besides the mathematical analysis into the dynamic stability of Jamitons, I work on quantifying the accuracy of the ARZ model, providing procedures to calibrate it with real data, and devising effective and robust numerical cell-transmission models to facilitate the usability of this model in engineering practice. In addition, I explore possible averaged models that capture the cumulative effects of the ARZ model, but maintains a simpler structure that is easier to solve both analytically and numerically. read more

Traffic Flow Smoothing via AI & CAVs,

as a member of the CIRCLES research team, consisting of 40+ researchers from seven academic institutions and industry partners.

The CIRCLES project aims to demonstrate the concept of transfer learning, i.e. transfer a policy learned in a simulation to ... read more a field demonstration using connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs) in live traffic. The project would also provide the opportunity for engagement with major automotive partners and federal agencies (e.g., DOE, DOT), the latter of which would help advance future legislation.
To that end, the team will:

  • Discover new techniques in multi-agent deep reinforcement learning
  • Build sensing infrastructure and technology to collect data and measure impacts
  • Develop, calibrate, and validate traffic flow and vehicular energy models
  • Develop control algorithms to transfer learned policies to CAVs
I take a leadership role in the development and calibration of the energy models as well as the microscopic traffic flow models. read less

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Publications and Preprints

E. Butler, A. Chen, R. A. Ramadan, K. Ruparel, T. Moore, F. Zhang, H. Shou, R. Gur, T. Nichols, R. Shinohara
Pitfalls in brain age analyses
Human Brain Mapping, 2021

J. Lee, G. Gunter, R. A. Ramadan, S. Almatrudi, P. Arnold, J. Aquino, W. Barbour, R. Bhadani, J. Carpio, et al.
Integrated framework of dynamics, instabilities, energy models, and sparse flow controllers
The Workshop on Data-Driven and Intelligent Cyber-Physical Systems (DI-CPS), 2021

G. Gunter, S. Shanto, R. A. Ramadan, B. Seibold, D. Work
Challenges of microsimulation calibration with traffic waves using aggregate measurements
Proceedings of the Transportation Research Board, 2021

R. A. Ramadan
Non-Equilibrium Dynamics of Second Order Traffic Models
PhD Dissertation, 2020

R. A. Ramadan, R. R. Rosales, B. Seibold
Structural Properties of the Stability of Jamitons
ICIAM2019 SEMA SIMAI Springer Series, 2019

R. A. Ramadan, B. Seibold
Traffic Flow Control and Fuel Consumption Reduction via Moving Bottlenecks
Proceedings of the Transportation Research Board, 2017

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My PhD Dissertation

Teaching Experience

  • Instructor
    • Calculus II: Spring 2019
    • Calculus I: Fall 2019, Fall 2018, Summer 2016
    • PreCalculus: Spring 2021, Fall 2020, Summer 2017
  • Teaching Assistant
    • Graduate Complex Analysis: Summer 2019
    • Advanced Calculus I: Fall 2015
    • Advanced Calculus II: Spring 2016
    • Complex Analysis: Fall 2016
    • Differential Equations: Spring 2017

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